Total Shield Tracks Cleaner is software for erasing online and offline traces or evidences of your actions kept by Windows, browsers and more than 200 third-party programs. Program uses Government-strength removal techniques and plug-ins.

# Clean browser history, cache, cookies, Visited and typed URL history, autocomplete data for all popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.

# Erase all traces of Windows activities: Windows temporary files, Start -> Run history, Find files history, Recycle Bin, Windows registry streams

# Eliminate tracks left by more than 200 third party programs: Microsoft Office (97, 2000, XP and 2003!), Windows Media Player, ICQ, MSN Messenger and more

# Protect your privacy with US Army(AR 380-19) and US Government (DoD 5220.22-M Cleaning) data eliminating methods - eliminate all traces, tracks, evidences!

# Securely deletes single files, files in a folder and even registry keys and their values!

# Free hard disk space by erasing all traces

# Easy to use interface and built-in scheduler to protect your privacy effectively.