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entry Dec 23 2009, 02:33 AM
Life one feeling actually, a kind of mood. It is filled with exultation that you are, relaxation is happy, lonely and depressed, dog-tired, mainly there is a psychology that is controlled. We must learn to let soul put one false frequently, make sure heart is balanced and peaceful, could experience life is light and happy with life and happy.

When being hollow and melancholy, put one false for soul. Look for dull feeling in dull day, thing of meaning never seek, appear it interesting, break the current situation, surmount the lonely, hollow and inherent poverty, reflect happiness and meaning of life.

When the failure is depressed, put one false for soul. Not downhearted because of failure for the moment, by hoping to open a means of subsistence. Spirit is the real pillar of the life, so long as it does not collapse, the life would not be out of shape.

Succeed proud, give soul put piece false. The head acts soberly, non- unrealistically optimistic, non- arrogantly, non- flamboyant, unsatisfied with the current situation, there is suffering consciousness in the heart, can fully aware that there are very long waysing will go.

When being depressed and ignorant, put one false for soul. Do not complain, do not repent because of past event, does not worry for future thing because of rushing about, falling, helpless, do not fear life, open soul wide, face everything bravely.

When being dog-tired, put one false for soul. Do not only fight, enjoy, don't be only busy with the undertaking in life, busy earning money, so busy as to ignore the life. Has a rest, do a good job of self-regulation, find working life, equalization point of the undertaking family if hard.

When the emotion is indifferent, put one false for soul. Realize true essence of life with beautiful friendly heart often, life colorful, the happiness of life, and friendship is valuable, treat every creature around kindly with the heart of soft kind-heartedness.

While coming unfortunately, put one false for soul. It could be energetic and deep and serious that the life needs tempering, meet the challenge of destiny calmly. There are more methods always than difficulties, difficult problem always can be answered satisfactorily in a great deal of life.

Angry while getting angry, put one false for soul. Do the best to restrain oneself, by putting the fire out by water in mind calmly, try to find out the constructive method and solve the problem, by treating the injury tolerantly. Life is bitter and short, it is unnecessary to consume all one's own energy on minor matter.

When fear timid, give soul put piece false. The unavoidable experience trials and hardship in life, can't fear the pressure, can't escape responsibility, go to meet bravely, overcome it, become domination of life oneself.

Persistent when appear, put one false for soul. Getting getting greedy body rich and heart getting content with one's lot body poor and the heart is rich, among the the course of pursuing in life poor, the bright heart without worldly desires, the neither desperate in life one is bitter, the persistent in life one is happy.

We might frustrated in love, officialdom unsceptered, market person who is defeat a great deal of of blows; Gloom, pessimism, knowing which way to go when the choice whose setback is when being excited hurt and wronged when being thoroughly delighted smooth at the happiness, this is life. Life is a bowl of sour, sweet, bitter, hot, salty and bittersweet soup, you may have a trial test in each kind of flavour, we are unable to choose, can only adjust the psychology to suit.

All one's life, the one alive is a kind of spirit in life. We should put one false for soul in right time, have a good health and fitness, form a kind of good psychology, live a kind of calm and comfortable life. Soul has been settled down, has equilibrated, full and round, our life is just happy, bright, there is no regret.

At the harbour of one's own soul, stop for a moment steadily.

In the post of one's own soul, enjoy for a moment silently.

In the night sky of one's own soul, stare at for a moment deeply.

The pasture in one's own soul is graceful for a moment heartily.