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entry Feb 16 2009, 04:09 AM
Write down this number:
If you go online browsing webpage after program, we have two websites for you to choose from here. One iswww.jackcanfield.com, Another one

is www.chickensoup.com, You can find the relevant information of the best seller which sweep the whole America - " chicken soup of soul " here.
Mike: Jack, we have about 11 minutes. And then, let's speak " the pithy formula of Latin of A ", this is a very outstanding best seller, it is another

magnum opus that you cooperated with your good friend Mark and Victor and Hansen and put out.
Could you tell me what is " The pithy formula of Latin of A " ?
Jack: Oh, mark and I find, when we go out to encourage the will lecture, people will write while hearing, write all important contents in the note.

However, they will not walk out and adopt any action later.
So, we realize people miss some links, they have not done some anything essential, this is to seek help, supporting, helping and fund to others,

strive for and get and realize dreaming of some conditions needed by oneself from others.
Let us see the story of Latin of A at first.
The thing that he does is to tell the light what is wanted oneself supernaturally, then the light spirit will go to realize his dream voluntarily.
We realize what people omitted is exactly this, people have forgotten to strive for by oneself.
This is said by us " The pithy formula of Latin of A " .
So, in this book, we have roughly listed five major reasons why people do not dare to strive for.
We have also discussed how to go down in different occasions to strive for - How to strive for at work, how is it to strive for at home, how to

open one's mouth and strive for the thing wanted to the wife, to the child, wait a moment. You strive for to get the thing wanted.
I only give everybody an example here. There is a person like this, he is that " child's food is succoured " Person in charge.
" children's food is succoured " It is a name of organization, their goal is to enable the children in whole world to have enough meals.
After happening in thing of Korea, he realizes that there are 50,000 Korean children that are going hungry, facing the threat of the death.
But he is powerless, nobody would like to fly to Korea, because the flight safety there has less than guarantee.
It happened that he read this book of " pithy formula of Latin of A " at that time, he realized he had not contacted all airlines.
Then, he inquires beginning a family that there is a cargo aircraft to Korea or passenger plane. When he finds the 39th airline, heard the other

side say at last, " yes, we had planes to fly there. "
Just because he has taken the initiative, his organization succeeds in to the food valued at more than 1 million dollars of Korean air transport,

50,000 children's life ensures.
So, this is the same as the lover does not totally date. That say we to wait ask one by one all over,it is get by thing that you want not to strive for.
Mike: Your these words are too deep, because it has a kind of religious doctrine of the Holy Bible inside, " ask for, then you will get " .
Let us continue discussing " the pithy formula of Latin of A ".
You mentioned just now people did not try to have five reasons.
We only come to talk about the main reason why people do not open one's mouth here especially, OK?
Jack: The first reason that people do not try is - Ignorant.
They do not know what is striven for and it's time to go.
No one is told striven for how they go, whose there they do not know to either to strive for.
So, on the whole, this is a main reason.
The second reason is that the ability to others knows limitedly or not knows clearly.
For example not think others have enough ability, or think if you really love me, would not wait for me to open one's mouth. Return for example

think the world very cold and detached very selfish, nobody care about need of me really. In addition, even if I have got the thing that I want, I

will not be happy either.
You must watch the world with simple sight like a child, could really come into others' world, clarify these above-mentioned mistakes which we

choose to know little by little.
The third reason is to fear to be refused.
People have feared the awkwardness very much.
I like that salesman's example very much.
Say that a salesman wishes eagerly to meet personally the president. A woman secretary says to him, " you can not enter and see him either at all.


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