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funny story

I have this funny story... do u get it???????

Do u know the story of Trouble, Manners, and Shutup? No? Well, here it is:

Once, there lived 3 brothers, Trouble, Manners, and Shutup. One day, they went to a BIG swimming pool place. Manners and Shutup went to the swimming pool without realizing Trouble wasn't there. "He must be lost somewhere in here," Manners and Shutup thought. Manners went to look in the bathroom for Trouble, while Shutup went to the lifeguard. The lifeguard asks, "What's ur name?" and Shutup goes, "Shutup." The lifeguard, getting angry, says, "Where are ur manners?" Shutup calmly says , "In the bathroom." The lifeguard, getting very annoyed, shouts, "R U LOOKING 4 TROUBLE?!?!?" and Shutup says, "Yes."

HA HA!!!!! funny... right???