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Zoph's Space

Word rhyme riddles

New puzzles I thought of:

It's NOT word plays. They're WORD RHYMES!!!!!! The answers rhymes, and it's only 2 words long. KK... I only have one set, so...


here goes!

1. colored foot wear
2. 5 cent snack
3. 25 cent outline
4. thought of color
5. gross animal
6. saltine stealer
7. insane flower
8. reading stealer
9. OK shape
10. bursting plant

OK!!! ur done now... scroll down for answers!!!


1. blue shoe
2. nickle pickle
3. quarter border
4. think pink
5. yucky ducky
6. cracker hijacker
7. crazy daisy
8. book crook
9. fair square
10. pop crop

like it?