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entry Mar 8 2007, 02:38 PM
My son is just like a gift from God, I love him dearly. Recently I just gave a speech, the title is "Lesson From My Son"

Lesson from my Son

Ladies and Gentlemen. What would come to your mind, when I mention “a four year old little boy”, Adorable? Cute? Cuddly? But one thing really stands out, he never stops asking questions, in fact, he never stops at anything, he just never, never gives up.

One day, my son and I went to Costco. When we passed this toy aisle, he stopped and stared at this toy. “Daddy, Can I have this Power Ranger Mystic Force?” “No” “Daddy, Please!” “No!” I grabbed his hand and dragged him away. One week later, we returned to the same store. The moment we walked into the store, he immediately ran away, “Where is he going?” I wondered, but I had to run after him. He stopped at the exact same spot holding this toy. “Daddy, Can I have this Mystic Force, please? I am your best friend.” “No”. As I was bending down to put the toy away, he quickly put his little arms around my neck, “Daddy, I love you” “Umma” “Umma”. I looked at him thinking to myself, “You just never give up, do you?!”. Here comes the power ranger mystic force.

One day before my son turned 5, and two days after I took the training wheels off his bike. I decided to take him off road for a joy ride. As I expected, he just loved the rough ride on this dirt road. “Bombu, Bombu, …”. Every time he went over a pothole, he was so excited, “Daddy, look”. Looking at him, I was filled with fatherly pride and joy. “Bombu, Bombu, …” “Bang!”, “This does not sounds right”. I looked over and saw my son laid flat on his face with his bike over his body. I waited, hoping that he would just get up and ride again like he always did. I waited and waited, after a few agonizing moment, he was still not moving. This did not look right, so I started walking towards him. As I were getting closer, I saw my son raised his head and saw me coming, “Wa….”, suddenly, he bursted into this gigantic cry. My heart sunk, I dashed to his side at speed faster than light. I got him up and hold him in my arm, and I saw his bloody nose. I quickly took out my disaster recovery plan, it said “your wife is going to kill you”. My heart sunk even further. I looked at my son in my arm and asked, “Are you OK”, “Yah”; “Can you ride your bike?” “No”; “Can you walk?”, “Yah”. As we were walking home silently, thousand thoughts went through my head, my fatherly pride and joy turned into fatherly guilt. I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t!! Then I heard this little voice “Daddy, I want to ride the bike.” I could not believe what I just heard, “Son, you want to ride again ?!”, “Yes, Daddy”, “Are you sure?!” “Yes! Daddy!” . Off you go, “Bombu, Bombu, …” “Yah, this is my son”. My fatherly pride and joy returned in full. Here comes my little hero.

So next time when you stumble and fall, get up even you had to cry for help, just never, never give up.

British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, once said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense”. Without his conviction, the outcome of the World War II might be completely different; without his conviction, the world we live today might be completely different.

“Never, never, never, never give up”, this is the conviction of a great man, and this IS the lesson from my son.

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