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A World Apart Poem

I wrote a poem for school to enter in a contest... Here it is and leave a comment on whether you like it or not!

A World Apart

A place
A world a p a r t
Different, special, unique

Roaming through its ridges
Ridges of thoughts
That is the makings of life
The heart of our wits

Exploring the cracks
The crevices
Every little memory
Taken out
To be chewed on

Running through a meadow
In full bloom
The tiny blossoms
Blossoms of fantasy
A faraway world
With only you


Wading through a puddle
A puddle of knowledge
Wetting your feet
Feeling the chills
Crawl through your spine
Through your brain
Filling your body
Every pore
With knowledge

Climbing a tree
Its opaque green leaves
Branch in all directions
Giving shade to all
A dark,
But light covering
Yet inviting
The branches
Long, tender
The tree of dreams
The branches of ideas
The leaves of goals

The thoughts
The memories
The make-believe
The knowledge
The dreams
The goals

All in one place
A world apart
Different, special, unique

The mind.
The soul.

Your imagination.