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Click here to view this entry in its original format's Blog news - Java Source Codes Repository reports today has introduced a Java Source Codes Repository of over 20 million lines of codes, with more being added. "The unique feature is that all source codes are extensively cross-referenced and linked to JDK APIs, so that it can be used to track the call stack easily." Code is organized in sections by package, so the top level consists of "org", "com", "java", etc. also reported another news about on Sep. 23, 2005 has added some new java code search features. They write in, "You can browse all J2SE, J2EE and J2ME APIs, and examples in one place. It just adds a new feature to allow you to search 20,041,731 lines of Java source code. Simply click on the 'Search More Java Examples' & it will search all its source code and return the search results with rank. You can easily navigate the source code through the hyperlinks."