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Confidently Speaking's Blog

Welcome to Our Toastmasters Club Website!

Welcome to our Toastmasters club website! This website can be found at

Club News: Here you will find news and information regarding our club

Membership Information: Information for new and prospective members

FAQ: Frequently asked questions and answers for members and guests

Club Calendar: Event calendar for our club

Directions: Detailed directions on getting to our meetings

Meet Our Members: Here you can meet all of our members as well as introduce yourself to others. You can add your photo and write your own introduction (see the Edit Your Member Profile link below)

Contact Us: How to contact a club representative

These links may be updated frequently. They are links to important information on the website that prospective members would find helpful.

These are articles related to public speaking which may be updated on occasion. These articles are for both current members and prospective members.

Duty Roster: Here is our interactive roster where you can sign up for roles several meetings in advance.

Forgot Your Login?: Save this e-mail since it contains your username and password for this website. However, if you do lose or misplace it, you can be instantly sent your username and password. If your e-mail address has changed, you may need to contact your club's webmaster.

Speech Feedback: Here is where we can share our comments with the speakers

Brainstorming: How can we make our club even better? Your ideas are appreciated!

Speaking Tips and Tricks: Have tips or tricks? Post them! Looking for tips or tricks? Visit this forum and read what other members have to share.

Available Downloads: Visit this page for forms and other files made available to our members.Edit Your Member Profile: It is suggested that you keep your member profile up to date. You can also add information like your photo and a short biography.