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Pousada Boiçucanga - North Coast of São Paulo

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The beautiful beach of Boicucanga in San Sebastian, northern Litoral Paulista, is considered the largest shopping center in South Coast state and has all the infrastructure for tourists, with excellent inns, hotels and restaurants. On the north side of the beach empties into the Rio Boicucanga, which focuses fishermen who still live by fishing on site.

Boicucanga became the largest shopping and the south coast of São Sebastião services center with plenty of shopping, leisure, housing options, relying on a Sub-Prefecture, bank branch and ER.

Known by the most spectacular setting of the sun beaches of the North Coast, Boicucanga can not miss in your script! On the north side of the beach where the Boicucanga River flows, concentrated small boats of local fishermen, who still live by fishing, keeping the tradition of their ancestors.

For those with an adventurous spirit, Praia Brava Boicucanga is undoubtedly a thrilling ride. Access is only by sea or by climbing the hill track that is home. Of very strong waves, usually frequented by the most experienced surfers beach.

Boicucanga this just 170km from the capital SP, with easy access from the Rio-Santos highway. Located between the beaches and Maresias
Camberley. It's also very close to other beaches in the area that are worth visiting: Bar Sahy, Juquehy, Barra do Una and Whale Beach suitable for children to have calmer waters.

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