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Ten Simple and Workable Weight Loss Tips

Getting the body that you want is going to take hard work, dedication and you can follow these 10 easy ways to reach your weight loss goals more quickly:

1. Avoid These 5 White Foods - White rice, white bread, sugar, salt , white potatoes
2. Do Not Use Artificial Sweeteners - it gets your taste buds accustomed to sweet tastes and you'll start to crave sweets
3. Experiment Using Mustard Instead Of Mayonnaise - mustard adds plenty of flavor but it's low in calories and low in fat
4. Avoid Junk Food Whenever Possible - Snacks and sweets are full of calories but little or no nutrition - so just try to stay away from them
5. Never Go Shopping When You Are Hungry - If you go to the grocery store when you are hungry you are more likely to pick up more snacks and treats, then if you were full or at least not hungry.
6. Keep Your Home a Junk Food Free Zone - If you don't have it in the house you can't eat it - so don't even tempt yourself
7. Eat Breakfast - having a healthy breakfast will help you from over eating later on in the day. Notice I said a healthy breakfast.
8. Avoid Eating 4 Hours Before You Go To Bed - this will help burn off the calories before you go to bed and it will also help you to stop late night snacking
9. Avoid Fried Food - frying adds extra calories and the fired oil itself is not healthy for you
10. Buy Smaller Plates - Illusion- you'll actually eat less without feeling deprived. Did you know that the size of dinner plates are now 20% larger than they were in the 80's and 30% larger than the 60's? And people wonder why we have such a hard time keeping our weight in check

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